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Most meal kit companies deliver a mountain of single-use packages and boxes with their food. We deliver your meals in 100% reusable bags and containers.

Chef-owner Corinna Mozo’s retro diner, decked out in pastel hues and squeaky vinyl banquettes, pays tribute to the original restaurant her grandfather owned in Cuba in the 1950s. Everything here is made from scratch, including the bread, pastries, and desserts. The serotonin-boosting barbecue beef short ribs are braised for hours and given a lacquer of sweet-savory guava sauce; the dish is served with piquant slaw, speckled rice and beans, and meaty palm-sized tostones.

There’s pelo option to choose what’s in the bags, so it’s probably not for you if you have strict dietary restrictions.

Yeung’s foundational dishes are also available here for fans as well, like toothsome house-made cuttlefish balls floating in thick laksa noodle soup, or cavernous bowls of fortified broth (so clear you can see your reflection) filled with glossy egg noodles and plump tiger shrimp wontons.

She remains a stalwart fixture for her plentiful portions of West Indian favorites, including goat and oxtail curries swaddled in flaky paratha rotis, pillowy curry channa doubles, and spirited jerk chicken.

Her three-tiered, frosted cakes are also wonders. The Pistachio and Olive Oil Birthday Cake is like a childhood confetti slice given a glow-up, while an entire summer romance is encapsulated in the Vanilla Sorrel and Raspberry Cake: a towering vanilla sponge cake offering bright mouthfuls of tangy sorrel buttercream, along with a tasty tango of vanilla pastry cream and raspberry coulis. Open in Google Maps

Price per meal varies based on the plan selected. Prices shown in the map reflect the trial credits plan price.

Can pies solve all of life’s problems? No, but the ones at Gertie’s get close. Operated by chef Ryan Campbell and his wife, Sara Steep, Gertie’s — named for Campbell’s mother Gerda — throws together humble ingredients with potently evolved results. A butter-enriched crust made with peanuts and graham crackers is topped with a voluptuous mound of soft-whipped mascarpone cream (with some Em excesso-fancy peanut butter mixed in for nutty oomph), followed by a filling of your choice — lush caramel, deeply dark chocolate, or perky strawberry jam — and finished with top-notch roasted Virginia peanuts.

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Each of these spots has more than a few dinner options and will allow you to feast for two for less than $50 — pretty sweet in this economy. Eat, enjoy and order a second (or third) helping. We guarantee you won’t go hungry.

The whopping 158 neighborhoods reflect the various groups who have immigrated to Toronto over the centuries, subsequently carving out food havens and hubs of their own. That diversity has lent check here a certain malleability to the restaurant scene. Toronto doesn’t really have a steadfast signature dish (pelo disrespect to the late legendary chef Anthony Bourdain, but that insipid peameal bacon sandwich was never “a thing” with locals) and the city may never coalesce around one item. The vast tapestry of food heritage could never be encapsulated in a single meal.

Located all over Toronto, the best happy hours will ensure you can have your cake and eat it too. From deals on signature cocktails to bar rail, beer, wine, food and more, you and your pals can dabble into a little bit of everything without having to break the bank.

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